So… who’s this “Nick” guy?

So… who’s this “Nick” guy?

Written by current student and CORC student worker, Summer Hirtzel Not Nick, silly, /NIC/. As in: National Internship Consortium. As in: your new best friend if you’re searching for an internship. Not interested in yet […]

Mar, 30

Fulbright… who?!

<—   You may have heard the name, seen the logo, but what exactly IS this “Fulbright” thing? “Fostering leadership, learning and empathy between cultures was and remains the purpose of the international scholarship program.” – […]

Mar, 26
What NOT to do at your next interview…

What NOT to do at your next interview…

Yeah, as if you weren’t already nervous about that upcoming interview.  Here are 50 more things to worry about.  Or rather, 50 things to NOT do at your next interview.  Some of the items on […]

Mar, 15


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