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Family and Friends 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended Family and Friends Weekend and helped make the event such a success. Highlights included panels and workshops celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Critical Studies in Childhood, Youth, and Learning …

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Alumni Profile: Sascha Rice 91F

5c5bff11-56bb-4f5a-9fd8-21fedf1e79d3Sascha Rice 91F, filmmaker, public speaker and teacher, made her mark on the film industry in 2012 with her award-winning documentary, California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown. In this film, Sascha, granddaughter of Pat Brown, explores the impact the influential California governor had on both state and family.
California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown will be having its European premiere in Paris, France, on November 7.
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President Jonathan Lash Writes to Education Week about Grade-Based Evaluations

President Jonathan Lash wrote to the editor of Education Week last week, highlighting the drawbacks of grade-based evaluations and the value of narrative evaluations as teaching tools.
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Alumni News and Event Round-Up 10/15/14

September 25 – October 31, 2014 – Exhibition by Jamie Maxtone-Graham 80S
Hanoi-based photographer Jamie Maxtone-Graham 80S presents his first solo exhibition entitled “That Little Distance,” at the Galerie Quynh in Ho Chi Minh City. The …

Nov. 6: Eqbal Ahmad Lecture by Randall Robinson

Randall Robinson, an internationally respected social justice advocate and author, will deliver Hampshire College’s 17th Annual Eqbal Ahmad Lecture on November 6 at 4 p.m. His talk, “International Human Rights and the Need for Global …

Tanja Hollander 90F and the Art of Friendship

Tanja Hollander 90F is on a mission to photograph all of her 600 Facebook friends in their homes all over the world as part of her project entitled “Are You Really My Friend?”. This project explores what …

New Film by Holen Sabrina Kahn 90F

Holen Sabrina Kahn 90F’s feature documentary, A Quiet Inquisition, had its World Premiere at Lincoln center in June with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. Upcoming screenings include October 6 at AFI LATIN AMERICA, (Washington, …

New Album by Michael O’Neill 98F

Michael O’Neill 98F and Sammy Tunis have released “Pretty Marsh”, the debut album for their NYC-based band The Point.  Pretty Marsh was co-produced with Jordan Lieb 97F, Alexis Gideon and Gary Olson.
To celebrate the record release, The …

Alumni News and Event Round-Up 10/1/2014

October 4th – Film Screening by Meredith Lackey 07F
Meredith Lackey 07F will be screening her new film “Shwebonta” in the New York Film Festival’s “Projections” series on October 4th. “Shwebonta” features the capital city of Burma, …