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Photo Exhibition: James Baldwin at Hampshire, 1983-86

The Main Gallery at Hampshire College, Johnson Library Center, announces “James Baldwin at Hampshire, 1983-86,” a photographic exhibition open from February 20 through March 11. The exhibition is free and open to the public.
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Ground Broken for R. W. Kern Center

Kern-center-groundbreakingThe groundbreaking for the R. W. Kern Center on November 14 marked the official beginning of Hampshire College’s most ambitious building project in decades.

The Center, designed to meet the exacting standards of the Living Building Challenge, will house classroom and gallery space, the admissions office, the school store, and a café. Equally important, said President Jonathan Lash to the crowd gathered for the event, is that it will clearly present Hampshire’s dedication to sustainable practices.

“It’s such a remarkable challenge because we’re used to thinking about minimizing the damage we do to the world,” said President Lash. “This building is using physical construction to improve our world. It can raise questions, and can help us think about what is possible.”

Bill Kern 75F, who attended with his mother Leora, said naming the building after his father was an important tribute for him. When the two visited the College together for the first time in 1975, he said that his father “got this place before I did.”

“As you come to know more about R. W. Kern, you will be proud to have his name on this building. Education and hard work were the tools he used to shape his life,” said Kern. “He understood the importance of learning how to learn, and that was the key to his success.”

The Kern Center will give prospective students and their families a representative introduction to Hampshire College when they arrive for admissions tours, said Meredith Twombly, interim dean of admissions and financial aid.

For student Wesley Evans 12F, a member of the Kern Center Building Committee who got involved in the project shortly after arriving at Hampshire, the building presents the opportunity to “change the world for the better.”

“This project represents the hopes and dreams of our community brought forward into society,” Evans said.

President Lash thanked the many people involved in funding, planning, and designing the Kern Center, and looked forward to its scheduled opening in 16 months.

“This is step one,” he said before leading the group onto the construction site to ceremonially dig into the dirt. “We’ve got a lot of work still to do together.”

Alumni News and Event Round-Up 11/14/2014

November 11 – November 23 – Art Exhibition by Matt Krefting 99F and Jaime Pagana 01F
Matt Krefting 99F and Jaime Pagana 01F curate “After Itself”, a group exhibition that uses paper, sound, text, and conceptual …

New Show by Shepley Metcalf 72F

Singer Shepley Metcalf 72F and her piano accompanist Ron Roy have been touring the U.S.A. since 2008. On November 12, Metcalf and Roy arrive at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston with their new show Going Places which …

Alumni News and Event Round-Up 10/31/14

November 6 – Art exhibition by Nancy Marks 78F
Visual artists Nancy Marks 78F and Richard Youngstrom are having an art opening at Taylor House B&B in Jamaica Plain, MA, on Thursday, November 6, from 6-8pm. …

Hampshire College Announces the R. W. Kern Center

Hampshire College will build its new R. W. Kern Center according to the most rigorous environmental design standards in the world. The building will create its own energy, treat its own waste, and meet all …

Alumni Profile: Sascha Rice 91F

Sascha Rice 91F, filmmaker, public speaker and teacher, made her mark on the film industry in 2012 with her award-winning documentary, California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown. In this film, Sascha, granddaughter of …

President Jonathan Lash Writes to Education Week about Grade-Based Evaluations

President Jonathan Lash wrote to the editor of Education Week last week, highlighting the drawbacks of grade-based evaluations and the value of narrative evaluations as teaching tools.
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Alumni News and Event Round-Up 10/15/14

September 25 – October 31, 2014 – Exhibition by Jamie Maxtone-Graham 80S
Hanoi-based photographer Jamie Maxtone-Graham 80S presents his first solo exhibition entitled “That Little Distance,” at the Galerie Quynh in Ho Chi Minh City. The …